Found this page on the Bytemark careers site.

And I can't help but smile.

I think all too often within a recruitment and HR process we treat people like a commodity. After all we’re Human Resources. We often forget that we’re talking about people. Within recruitment departments we’re often people people, able to have conversations and influence others in order to help them find their next career move.

But once they’re in that process that ‘people’ element can be lost, and it can become a numbers game. Particularly with volume processes.

The reason I like this page so much is that if anyone has any concerns or questions about this anonymous process all the info can be found here, and if not there is even a number you can text! They’re giving the candidates the option. And for me it’s the option that counts.

If given the choice would you rather a video interview at your own convenience or a telephone interview at a prescribed time between 9-5? Different people will choose differently, and in my personal view recruitment processes should respect that.

If your process forces candidates through a series of steps providing little option or information as to why people have to jump through these hoops, there’s a good chance their not too happy about it.

The deciding factor for the candidate is how much do they want/need that role? As that will define whether they continue down that path or not.