Recruitment events – a mainstay of graduate recruitment and widely used in retail and contact centre hiring – are on the increase -  reflecting the world of consumer marketing. 

What's more, the effectiveness of the ‘event’ is less about who you met in person on the day (still important) but whether you captured people's imagination and generated high levels of social media coverage.

KLM - the Dutch airline - has a track record in running 'experiential events' which capture the public's imagination. Their Christmas 'stunt' in Amsterdam airport encouraged strangers to sit together. As more people joined a table filled with Christmas food was lower and ultimately enjoyed. 15 happy people and -more importantly - over 1.5 million YouTube views. 

Recent experiential projects from TMP include eye-catching events for Digital specialists in Manchester through to award-winning (and more importantly crowd-pleasing) outdoor competitions to boost contact centre recruitment for the AA. In both cases we generated direct applications, but more importantly high levels of social activity.