A soft mist hangs over Bristol. The snow has gone. Schools are open. Roads are clear. The city returns to its normal state. Elsewhere, change is afoot. 

New ideas on the Brexit backstop are being proposed. More companies struggle to meet rising rents on the high street. Meat free Mondays and Veganuary influence our lunchtime choices. Even Man Utd have been Ole’d back to form. 

It’s a pattern mirrored across the globe as Venezuela struggles with leadership upheaval. Russia pulls out of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty in ‘symmetrical’ response to the Trump administration policy and retail upheaval increases in the US with the bankruptcy of Sears and Toys R Us. 

In this VUCA world we are all expected to deal with change. The new normal. To embrace difference over time, by age, by culture, by geography. 

TMP was acquired on the 12th June 2018 by PeopleScout. The world’s largest global RPO organisation by recruiting volumes. Over the past six months I’ve had the privilege of going to multiple states in the US, Poland and India to meet with my new colleagues to discuss the morphing of TMP’s Talent Advisory and RPO business into the PeopleScout global delivery network. 

And throughout my travels what has struck me the most is not the difference but the similarities between us. 

I understand that this statement is a bit trite. “More that unites us than divides us” type quotes have been used a lot lately. But I can’t but help think that when you get right down to a people level, we really all are very similar. 

Through that lens the world of RPO becomes very simple. 

What message should RPO organisations share with candidates. What is the most fundamental information they need to include? Of course, candidates need the basics around salary, location, reporting lines and development. 

But more than that, I think they need to understand the purpose and vision of the organisation; why do they exist? where are they going in the future? and how does that impact the society in which we all live? 

It seems obvious but it’s surprising how often recruiting becomes a transactional process where the topics that truly connect the candidate to the company are missed. 

How can they impact on the big picture? How do they fit in and become part of the success narrative? 

In volatile times, a new job can provide a clear sense of purpose and focus and our recruiting messages and methods should convey this. A drive for continuous improvement is part of all RPO contracts. 

But I hope that in this relentless search for margin improvement we don’t lose sight of the candidate and their desire for a fulfilling career that in some small way connects with the company and with society at large.   

If you would like to speak to me about this and/or your hiring needs feel free to get in touch: Jon.Porter@PeopleScout.co.uk