Firstly a huge thanks to Glen Cathey for sharing this post.

For many of the people that know me, or even people I haven't met but who have read my various posts, I'm sure this won't come as a shock.

Yes. I'm an introvert.

And there are lot of things that resonate with me in this post. Particularly the fact I've lost count of the times I’ve said: "sorry I’m a reflector, I’ll need some time to think about that, I'll get back to you".

When I used to speak at recruitment events - it was often met with surprise that I was even doing it. A friend even said – wow you must be a completely different person at work, do I really know you.

The fact I could quite comfortably (as comfortably as anyone can) stand up in front of a few hundred people and talk about the great work I’ve been doing felt quite natural. However the worst part about those events was the 'mingling'. That special time that was set aside for extroverts to talk to each other. To be honest I really had to force myself to strike up some sort or inane conversation. It's actually really re-assuring that I’m not the only one.

I guess more importantly as an introvert there are some fantastic qualities, genuinely. Ones that mean I do really well in my job, and make a real difference not only to the company I work for, but also for the many companies my team does the marketing for.

Thinking about things differently has enabled us to be truly effective. It’s given me the time and focus to spot what is really going wrong in a process and work diligently to make a fundamental change and fix things. For everyone. But for candidates most importantly.