Recently I've been on the flexible working train, advocating the advantages and benefits. As well as waxing lyrical about my organisation and the flexibility they allow me.

As we move away from the normal working 9-5 day we have to consider more flexibility to our workforce. However when people talk about flexible working the first thought of many is working from home. But, its so much more than that.

Working from home is just one option. And only if you have a role that allows you to do this. What about those employees that are looking for flexible working but work on a production line, or in a front desk role where they physically interact with another person.

This is where innovation comes in. More importantly where a strategy is needed from the employer. We know that flexible working is healthy for the company as it makes employees happy and more productive. A strong strategy makes this possible and lays out clearly what the options are for your employees.

This article I came across is a good overview of what's required and gives some great examples of organisations that are doing it right. Not all solutions will be the same and fit the every organisation, but there will be learnings that can be passed on.

Please do read through the article and let me know what you think.