As the father of a teenage son who, at the last peek, has sent over 265,000 Snaps, this resonated with me and gives a great insight into the audience, and ways in which this channel can be harness to engage and recruit. It's also the only way I can get in touch with him, most of the time !

Great stat: 78% of 18- to 24-year-olds are Snapchat users falling to 54% among those 25 to 29.

Did you know users can swipe from your Snapchat Ad video directly to another web page? Or even a piece of content based on what ad type you choose?

For example you can...

  • Display a short video and have users swipe to watch a longer, full-length recruitment video (up to 10 minutes);
  • You can have their swipe take them to an app specific to your recruitment process that they might want to download, or
  • They can be redirected to a page on your website, whether that’s a landing page for a particular job or just a newsletter sign-up page.

It's essential for entry level or any millennial or gen z recruitment.