Milkround’s 2018 Candidate Compass (here) provides insight into the most popular career paths for this year's grads. 

One of the most striking and significant findings is that 43% of respondents would be keen to work self-employed or create their own company. With a booming number of students starting their own businesses whilst at university, many seriously consider focusing on taking their businesses to the next level once they've finished their exams.  Organisations must work hard to sell the idea of employment and corporate careers to this year's graduates. 

"Culture plays a massive role. Firms that offer flexibility, reward collective performance and develop a ‘start-up environment’ give themselves a much stronger chance of landing top talent."


On a more tactical level, the report contains extremely helpful benchmarking data. For example, here are the most popular sectors: 

  • Media and publishing = 11%
  • Science and research = 10%
  • Medical and pharmaceutical = 10%
  • Education = 9%
  • Marketing = 8%