As this article says: 

"Employers are increasingly opting for machine learning and online tests to pick new candidates."

More than 80 per cent of employers say the rising use of technology helps manage high volumes of job applications. It's popular because it is efficient and provides deep levels of analysis, particularly with volume recruitment. 

I certainly see this with our clients especially in a global operating environment where we provide large and small scale candidate management 24/7. It's efficient. Fast. Reliable. Trackable. Cost effective. 

However at the same time we have also seen, through working with thousands of young people each year, a parallel trend:  the need for increased human interaction.  

The same themes have come through this survey of 1,000 young people by The 5% Club

1) Tech appreciation, understanding, and deployment is on the rise. 

2) The need for personal support and relationship building with candidates is essential. 

"Getting the balance right between human ‘touch’ v ‘technology’ is vital if businesses are going to attract the best early talent, like apprentices, and ultimately fill roles, imperative in the current skills crisis."