Whether it is AI , automation or machine learning, the headlines often seem to want to spread doom and gloom into the minds of workers. Jobs will go! Unemployment beckons! The latest report from the Office of National Statistics provides a little more insight and seems to indicate that the threat is diminishing rather than growing.

The topic is obviously a sensitive one but there is a real belief amongst many experts that for all the roles that may get ”automated” new roles that we may not have today will be created. Some months ago I read a fascinating report by the World Economic Forum that identified job families that were at risk but also the underlying competencies for those roles and they mapped new roles that with the right training would allow workers to migrate to new opportunities if their current work was in a high risk area.

Sometimes we head into the future without any idea what’s coming but I think our eyes are open on this one and with the right preparation we will be adjusting real time to prevent most, if not all the down side risks.