So there was a lot of discussion around the Army's latest campaign that launched in January, there always is. People are fascinated by their campaigns. In fact, it is probably the most high profile recruitment campaign and for anyone that works in the world of employer branding and communications, one that you end up referencing to explain what you do at work!

The campaign refers to 'snowflakes', 'phone zombies' and 'me me me millennials' which naturally sparked an element of controversy, but actually this was exactly the tactic they were trying to use to grab attention to create the all important perception shift.

The old 'guns and tanks' route wasn't getting the attention or creating the appeal for people wanting to sign up for that as a career. Like with any organisation, it is the people that make it. 

So some attention seeking tactics have taken place to get people to take a look, but that has helped them to then share the messages that will ideally shift the perceptions of the Army, a human organisation that values key skills such as patience and resilience.