Over a coffee a friend of mine asked me to explain what RPO is. 

Having worked all but 3 years of my recruitment life in RPO I was confident I was going to nail this answer. I started to wax lyrical about taking over the recruitment function, we become you, outsourcing and cost saving exercises.

I then stopped myself. This was the case when I first started in RPO, but now it is so much more.

Some of my clients are on to 3rd, 4th even 5th generation RPOs and these have evolved in to resemble nothing like the first time they engaged us.

Technology, as you would expect has driven a number of changes to the solutions and services that we, and many of our competitors, now offer to clients. The 'war for talent', a lovely old saying from yonder years, is more like the hunt for talent to keep them engaged and happy through an ever increasing automated process whilst still giving a unique and personalised candidate journey'.

RPO is complex, innovative, exciting and rewarding.

Yes it does save organsiations money. There are less overheads for instance. But it does so much more.

Total Talent is becoming more and more of a sought after solution. A one provider solution that covers all hiring and talent needs.

Clients are seeking more flexibility, scalability and agility from providers. This means further leveraging of existing technology platforms and developing software where it doesn't exist.

The article here is the a great summary of the changes that are happening, how our industry is evolving to meet the new demands and what the new demands from companies are.

In my opinion, we are nearing a time when companies are going to move to a hybrid model of a small in house team with a Talent Partner who supports, supplements and absorbs demand. Solutions will need to be built to respond to this new thinking. And whilst Total Talent solutions, such as are own, will give organisations the tools they need, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Let me know what you think is coming.

And read the article - it's a good one.