Technology is becoming increasingly valuable in all walks of life but I had not expected it to be such a hit in the Premier League.  The ability to help players to prepare for a match and specifically to better understand how an opposition player behaves and needs to be tracked and marked is genius.  It brings insight and understanding that is far above that you can achieve with a white board and magnets. You can also participate in drills where you are scored against professional and amateur players which will bring the true amateur down to earth with a bump!

Additional benefits that VR is also able to offer in the world of football is medical diagnosis where early signs of concussion  can be detected through tracking a players vision.

VR is already been used in some recruitment processes but in many cases the cost is prohibitive.  There is such potential with VR to take organisations down the path of combining an employer brand based candidate experience with robust selection/assessment this will undoubtedly become another great opportunity to drive technological advancement into the resourcing world.