I'm a traditionalist that loves a good CV.

To me this helps demonstrate candidates' ability to write and communicate as well as promoting their achievements and successes. Don't get me wrong we shouldn't solely rely on a CV but for me it is a good starting point.

However, more of my clients are "ditching" the traditional CV application approach. They are favouring more online forms and questions. So it was with great interest that I cam across this article on the Recruitment Grapevine. 

The consensus seems to be that the CV is still needed, especially within certain professions. However we do seem to be moving more and more towards a "CVless" application. Process automation, ChatBots and the online assessments are allowing the application process to be more intuitive, engaging and quicker. Meaning the candidate no longer has to spend large amounts of time pulling together their CV or other supporting documents.

Technology is driving different behaviours that challenge the status quo and the traditional ways of applying for the role, such as a CV. Part of me believes that as the younger technology generation moves into hiring positions we will see the movement towards "CVless" applications hasten.

It would good to know your thoughts on this.

Does the CV still have a place or should we just "ditch" it completely?