When recruiting in high volumes, it should go without saying that providing a great candidate experience should continue to lie at the heart of any recruiting process.

Well thought out and robust processes, combined with cutting edge applicant tracking systems, and a great team of recruiters are designed around this principle and they can, and do, deliver personalized, timely and engaging candidate communications.

In the interest of keeping candidates well informed, we are seeing more examples of organisations sharing how many applications have been made. 

But is sharing this information alone  putting off your 'superstar' who might be number 15 in the queue?

Educating job seekers to make informed decisions about whether to apply is about much more than knowing the number of applicants. This information should not be an indicator that they are about to fall into a black hole and displaying this information alone may result in the wrong hire or no hires at all.

Let's tell candidates that may not be No 1 in the queue but they could be your No 1 hire.