Had a great session today with two colleagues who asked for help using LinkedIn to network with the outside world; one currently doesn't have a profile the other’s profile had fallen out of date.

I went with these tips…

1. Really think about what you’re interested in; Recruitment, Diversity, Leadership, Technology etc; how are you going to learn from being on the network - if you don’t have purpose you are not likely to keep coming back!!

2. Use a photo which feels you - don't go corporate and black and white if this isn't you.

3. Focus on strap line and summary over career history to begin with. Keep career history brief to tell the story of how you arrived in your current position; it’s not a CV. Start simple and build up and refine over time

4. Using point 1 follow companies of interest; clients, competitors and vendors/suppliers – it will lead you to content you will be interested in

5. Follow influencers who produce and share content you’re interested in

6. Unfollow anything in your news feed that feels like noise that drowns out the good content

7. Reach out and connect with people who appear to have shared interests – so you can network with purpose