This e-book is a practical guide on how to build an employer value proposition (EVP) and employer brand for the future.  We've created it because it's time to change the way we think about EVPs and employer brand. 

According to CEB, there are five core attributes in a strong EVP: Rewards, Work, Your Organization. Opportunities and Your People.  Sounds simple however in practice this has missed the 'heart' and essence of what life in an organisation is like. 

Instead we focus on four key factors: 

  1. Uniqueness - it should stand out in a crowd
  2. Authentic - reflecting the actual real values of your company
  3. Aspirational - here's where you show where you're headed
  4. Dynamic - agile enough to respond to changes

The 15 pages are packed with explanations and examples, answering questions such as... 

What makes a strong EVP?

What data and insights do I need? 

How do I optimise my brand and EVP?

What makes an effective launch?