Gen Zs are candidates born between 1996-2010. They are the group of young people applying for your apprenticeship and graduate programmes. Knowing your audience is a fundamental necessity in recruitment. 

Here's how to adapt your assessment strategies for your Gen Z audience: 

1. Gen Z prefer completing shorter assessments than Millennials but not as short as you might imagine. We're not talking bite-size here. The average Gen Z is happy with a 42 min assessment experience. 

2. They perceive how 'engaging' assessments are as less important than those in older generational groups. Gen Z are likely to be less influenced by more surface level aspects of the testing experience. Not to be confused with user experience, this is more about the novel and gamed elements. 

3. Virtual Reality proved extremely impressive and attractive to millennial audiences however Gen Zs are less likely to perceive an organisation as attractive due to a VR test delivery. You do need to keep up with your competitor (or 'comparator' as we call them) organisations. Let me know if you'd like a download on what's happening in the market. Happy to share. 

4. Gen Z considers Games Based Assessment to be less effective which could reflect a level of skepticism towards this type of assessment methodology.

5. They're less likely to be positively impacted by audio and video componenets in assessment strategies. Whilst previous generations were exploding with video and vlogging, this generation - particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds - do relish the experience or perceive the organisation more favourably because of it.