Its been a while since I tested the outside world with views on recruiter response rates.

I’m feeling bulk message sending (in say LinkedIn Recruiter) and you will be 30%, personalise the messages and it’s 50- 60%... but what could make it even higher?

I have responded to a few sales approaches using personalised videos recently. Hinterview seems to be a pretty good platform.

We have been sending videos in outreach for entry-level and volume recruiting and they haven’t been completely personalised to high value targets in senior or specialist recruiting.

I introduced the concept of personal video outreach with a client and they challenged the time-consuming nature of recording bespoke videos for that extra % of responses and if it’s worth it.

Fair point! I’m going to try and see – anyone got any experiences in this area? What has adoption been like across recruiter teams and surely subtitles are important also. Does anyone watch videos with sound on mobiles?