No doubt if you’ve been connected to me on LinkedIn or read any of my content on Passle you’ll know what a big believer I am in having decent job copy.

You’ll also I know that I firmly believe decent copy can

  • Attract better quality candidates
  • Attract diverse candidates

I’ve also became aware of the fact that I can read a job copy and have a feeling/sense of how well that copy may perform in delivering what the pipeline needs. And that my team also have this strange ability.

So, what makes a good copy good and a bad copy bad?

My team and I always aim to write job adverts that inform and excite. Inform comes first as I believe it’s the most important, and if you inform in the right way it’ll excite the right audience.

But who am I to say this is right? It’s just a thought, a feeling, or a hunch. Either way, it seems to have paid off over the years, so I trust it.

If you do read these blogs, you’ll also know I LOVE data. So, when Luke Dowson and Jake Chambers started to develop an analysis tool for job copy I was very interested. When I saw what Luke had built I was blown away.

The above breaks down each section of a specific job advert before and after some changes were made.

But what does this mean? Well, here are the results:

  • The Old Copy gained 40 applications per week (on average)
  • The New Copy gained 82 applications per week (on average)

Now I’m not saying that the New Copy is perfect, there are clearly some things which are missing from that advert, and applications may not be what you want to drive – quality over quantity right!?

Sadly, I don’t have the quality metrics for this little experiment, Covid-19 put an end to that.

This does however give some indication as to what is important to candidates when applying for jobs. But what order should that appear in?

The visual below walks through, second by second, how each piece of narrative builds within the New Copy. You'll need to click the image to see the animated graphic.

Order of importance

Thinking about what the candidate wants to know and when they want to know it is important, but equally giving them the opportunity to navigate the advert in a way that helps them is just as important. I’m talking about headers people. Please use them.

Can we help you?

This is one of a few ways we can analyse your job copy. We can also quantify how gendered your job advert is as well as it’s reading age, sentiment, tone and how personal your job advert feels.

If you’re a recruiter, or a company, that struggles to hire the right people, let us take a look at your adverts.

We’ll analyse them, provide a report and a new recommended copy, which has been lovingly and scientifically produced to achieve what you’re looking for. Whether that’s more applications, improved levels of diversity or almost anything else.