Successful RPO relationships thrive on strong Partnerships between the client and the RPO.

Over the last few months I've never been busier speaking to my clients and key stakeholders. Not only to understand their situation but also to keep them updated on our own. 

Firstly we were discussing how to react to the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact this had on both of our work forces. How were we getting on helping our colleagues be able to work remotely, what could we both share from our learnings, what technology was working, what hiccups did we encounter. 

Secondly, and more recently, how are we transitioning to the new norm. Can we see what's coming between us? What does the future hold?

This understanding and open and frank conversations got me thinking about the relationships I have with my clients. What makes them work and ultimately what makes them successful? 

There are always good times and bad times. Life is never plain sailing and working in recruitment makes it interesting, challenging and rewarding. 

In order to ride these rolling waves you have to work hard at your relationships and ensure that you have a true partnership. Having read various articles and books on what makes partnerships work, this simple article really stood out and resonated with me.

The 10 points they go through can be applied in any business relationship, but the alignment, sharing, collaboration and communication that comes through the article is, in my opinion, particularly poignant for my world. I do hope you enjoy the read as much as I do.