Every business is a community, and every community has its role to play in the current wave of protest against the systemic racism, injustice and violence experienced by POC.

I figured people in our external network would be interested in seeing a summary of the response of PeopleScout, and its parent company TrueBlue.

I was proud to see TrueBlue issuing a brief but clear statement of alliance with the Black community. While the statement closes in an expression of hope I am pleased that the business, and its people, have not stopped there, with further actions put in place to encourage discussion among and support for our colleagues.

Personal messages were sent by our CEO and President to all employees, expressing solidarity with all those fighting for equality, acceptance, and peace.  These communications were not equivocal or broad in sentiment and made abundantly clear that, as a business and individuals, we have a role to play in tackling racism.

Other leaders within the business felt moved to write to their teams personally and have shared these communications on LinkedIn.  Colleagues also responsible for external communications have taken the opportunity to amplify the #BLM message.

In recent days, our HR team has provided employees with further resources to reflect on experiences of racism and show solidarity and support in stopping it.  This includes unconscious bias training, frameworks for ethical discussion and article shares.

Most powerfully, TrueBlue’s African American Resource Connection (AARC), which sits within the business’ Diversity & Inclusion Council, has established a series of online meetings in order to create a safe place for employees of colour to share their feelings and thoughts, and for all those who want to listen and learn and explore ways to support their colleagues.

I feel this series of actions personally as a powerful call for unified purpose and mindset.  There is no debate about how our business, our community, sees this moment of reflection and resistance.  Our responsibilities are shared, our message is clear: Black Lives Matter.