I was looking at a thread the other day on recruitment and RPO and came across a very negative comment about the industry and the companies that work within it. This really got my goat going!

I love this industry. I love the fact that I am contributing to helping people with their careers and helping companies get the talent they need. So this negative perception really set me off. Luckily I'm older and wiser than my younger self and refrained from commenting.

Instead it made me think. Do people understand the value that RPO organisations can bring to companies and the positive impact we play in the candidate market place?

Without RPO companies like mine, where would the push for innovation and best practice come from?

We were at the forefront of Chatbots - See our AAbot case study

We've been pioneering in Brand-led recruitment for our clients, like our work with Bombardier.

We've done some amazing things for the benefit of the candidate and the employer.

So I've taken it upon myself to shout about the great work we as an RPO provider can do. This article, although from 2013, highlights some of the great advantages and benefits that we as RPO providers can bring to the table.

Drop me a line if you want to hear about what else is great about RPO.