I came across an interesting article below which kind of captured what a lot of people in recruitment are thinking. 

It got me thinking; whilst it doesn't sit comfortably with me to be opportunistic, due to the unprecedented amount of  pandemic-related "bad" that has occurred globally in 2020, it's undeniable that those recruiters out there with vacancies to fill will have seen a huge shift in the nature of job markets, most of it in their favour. 

For those companies able to hire, its undeniably an employers market. With unemployment rates soaring by nearly 70% to over 2 million, application rates per vacancy will be through the roof in all sectors. 

Peoplescout are assisting clients with the logistical problems this can bring, for example "partial / project RPO"  or "recruiter on demand" services, to help with the increased number of sifting and screening required, per role. 

Opportunities, however, exist for recruiters who typically search for niche talent. Whereas normally they may feel like they have the impossible task of finding continual experienced hires for their industry, they suddenly have an unprecedented volume of experienced people, immediately available, who are contacting THEM instead of ignoring their meticulously customised Linked In mail.

So what to do with all these people who in normal circumstances, you would love to hire but may not be able to hire all (or any) of right now?

This is where Peoplescout can help. We work with clients to manage talent pools and keep the candidates engaged through a variety of means; from sourcing and collating your pools, sending targeted messaging around your company news, industry related articles, even invites to company social events.

Then, when you do have a new live vacancy, we message the pool and invite applications from a "warm" audience. 

If you are a recruiter who is lucky enough to have an embarrassment of talent right now, now is the time to "make hay"...it wont be like this forever. 

Reach out to me if you'd like to learn more about our talent pooling solutions.