I’ve been hearing more of the phrase ‘lifeboat job seekers’ recently; a new descriptor for people who are looking for and take on stop gap employment to tide them over whilst still actively job hunting.

Nothing new there, but if your business is the 'lifeboat', what does this mean for your recruitment pipeline?

Speaking to clients, we’re already hearing about huge increases – not only in volume of applications, but also in partially completed applications, ‘no shows’ for interviews/assessment centres, first day ‘ghosting’ and resignations mid-probation.

All of which means your recruitment model and the ratios you’ve expected in the past are all out of the window.

And the bad news? With nine million plus on furlough and many of those sadly joining the unemployment statistics over the next six months, this tidal wave of applications is only going to get bigger.

So what can you do? Now’s the time to review your entire recruitment process and build in interventions to force candidates to think more carefully about whether they’re right for that role in your organisation. Initial killer questions, Realistic Job Preview, profiles which highlight the authentic challenges, SJTs etc.

After all, much better to be selecting from a smaller group of applicants who are more committed to joining your business.