I wanted to share a fantastic article from our partners over at Meet & Engage. Back on 28th April, I wrote about staying safe and staying connected

Lockdown is easing, my children have returned to school part-time this week and things now seem to be returning to some sort of normal. So, with an expected increase in candidates looking for work in multiple sectors how are you going to manage and maintain these plentiful streams of talent? 

This blog from Kathy Johnson at Meet & Engage provides some really practical ideas that often get forgotten about. I've often said, its better to communicate something, rather than nothing. Otherwise, in my experience, people tend to make their own (and often incorrect) conclusions. In times of uncertainty and the unknown, this has never been more relevant. 

A recent consumer retail experience did exactly this. Clear, consistent and regular communication filled me with confidence. Changing my perception of a brand for the better and of course a glowing net promoter score! So how are you keeping in touch, with powerful simplicity?