We regularly work with clients who operate outside of the tech industry and have realised the need to digitise their business in order to keep pace with a rapidly changing business environment.

But attracting the talent needed to achieve these digital ambitions is no mean feat.

Gartner's 2019 Emerging Risks Survey tells us that a shortage of qualified tech workers was one of the biggest concerns of organisational leaders in virtually all industries globally. 

For organisation's with no history or obvious associations with technological innovation, attracting and hiring the right tech people can prove near impossible or extremely expensive.

Especially when you consider that you are up against virtually every business, in every sector, including the Googles and Apples of the world.

In our experience, tech talent will not respond to a one-size fits all EVP - and even big name brands will be overlooked unless they put in the time to build awareness and excitement about their specific offering for digital.

Just because your business sits outside of the tech sector doesn't mean that you don't have career defining opportunities for tech talent to create, innovate, disrupt and lead - you just need to do the heavy lifting of shifting perceptions before your target audience is likely to sit up and take notice.

One key consideration when developing a digital employee value proposition is to be mindful that you're not losing sight of your core brand, and the value that you've built up in it.

Whilst ensuring that you understand your audience and provide an environment that they want to work in is vital (think: ping pong table), candidates want authenticity and above all else they want to know what it will really feel like to work at your organisation.

Your real differentiator is your ability to tell your brand story and make it personal to a digital audience, what it feels like to work for you today, your ambitions as a business for tomorrow and the part that tech professionals can play in taking you there.

This helps candidates visualise how their contribution will be valued, the level of impact that they could have in the organisation, and sows the seeds of belonging. 

We've helped a number of brands to do this and reposition themselves as a destination for top techies. Take Sainsbury's as some inspiration - who’s vibrant Sainsbury's Digital, Tech and Data brand is changing perceptions about the types of careers you can find at a 150 year old retailer.