My niece will be starting her apprenticeship soon and it got me thinking about what it would be like for a young person to start their first-ever job working from home!? 

For many of us, working from home hasn't been too bad, we have established networks, we know who to contact when we need help, we have trusted work colleagues we can contact for advice. We have the confidence to reach out when we don't know the answer. 

If your organisation is still largely home-based, think about the impact it is having on your new joiners, particularly the ones who are first jobbers. We have some great internal coaching schemes here at Peoplescout, including one focusing on new joiners. 

But like many organisations, we are still learning and adapting to the challenges of the past 7 months. This article provides a decent summary of things to think about, including onboarding support.

At Peoplescout we're shaping our solutions to meet the needs of our clients, please do reach out if you would like to hear more on what we're doing both in the virtual assessment and onboarding space, happy to share and demo!