So here we are. 2021! I don't know about you, but it doesn't feel any different so far does it?! I was fortunate taking Christmas and New Year as annual leave and in the absence of enjoying time with friends and family (Thank you, Boris!) I had more time than normal to reflect and read (well, as much as you can with three young children!). 

On reflection, professionally I viewed 2020 as a relative success. A new RPO customer won and implemented with another new RPO business win in December. Alongside professional growth in, what for me had been the most challenging (and at times anxious) years to date. And based on this, I was extremely grateful and appreciative of this and the fantastic people I work with day in day out.

In terms of reading, I caught up on loads that I had bookmarked in the final quarter. A collection of personal stories, news items and blogs. But one post in particular that caught my attention was Gregory Lewis' "6 recruiting trends that will shape 2021" on LinkedIn. 

Yes, lots of these articles are written and posted during the final quarter of each year. But this one struck me as a little different! So what were these trends?

Prediction #1: Recruiting will hire less, build and borrow more

Prediction #2: Recruiting will help keep the business accountable on diversity

Prediction #3: Virtual recruiting is here to stay

Prediction #4: Recruiters will lead the transition to remote work

Prediction #5: Your employer brand will hinge on empathy and actions 

Prediction #6: Recruiters will build new skills to align with the business

Predictions 3, 4, 5 & 6 were not so much of a surprise. But if you had said at the end of 2019 (except for #5) I think you would all agree, we would have got a few strange looks! Though the fact that these almost feel normal highlights how much things changed in 2020!

Prediction two is hardly surprising, and again something I am already seeing. However, one thing that struck me here in the article is "47% of talent professionals say hiring managers are not held accountable for interviewing diverse slate of candidates". So in 2021, we owe it to ourselves to really hold up the mirror and deliver the changes we need when it comes to diversity & inclusion (or Belonging as my colleague Lee Griffiths wrote about in September 2020).

What I was really interested to read was that "Recruiting will hire less, build and borrow more". For months, we have been trying to find the positives in the pandemic. Let's face it, there haven't been many. BUT, insights from the LinkedIn report suggest that "Since the onset of Covid-19, internal mobility has increased by 20% year over year". Working for an organisation that takes personal development and internal mobility seriously this is really pleasing to hear. But why else was this or interest to me?

In day to day strategic and tactical conversations with HR & Talent Acquisition professionals, I continue to hear the same challenges of Hiring Managers looking for the perfect candidate with no degree of flexibility. Even when market insights are provided highlighting skill shortages, salary budget or geographic challenges! By increasing internal mobility we can really start to move the dial in terms of professional development and growth. It helps build living and breathing employer brands and employer value propositions that really are authentic! Not to mention, reducing rates of attrition in your organisation.

My hope then, is that this plays out in the external recruitment strategy, and as LinkedIn suggests "Facing unprecedented uncertainty and volatility, companies will also move away from static jobs in siloed departments and toward project-based cross-functional work, where employees will shift to new projects as business needs change" which will hopefully result in changes to the way that we assess and hire new talent, where we prioritise potential and transferrable skills. 

With unemployment expected to hit north of 3 million in 2021, wouldn't this be the best way to really get our economy and professional development moving again after this awful pandemic? So what's stopping you?

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