Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

We all know it's important. You can see from the quote how important it is to organisations. I hear a lot about this topic in my conversations with clients, contacts, colleagues and family members. Over the past year these subjects have come more to the fore than at any other time, sometimes through positive action, sometimes through a reaction to a negative incident.

It is a truly emotional and powerful topic.

I came across this article in my everyday reading and it struck a chord with me. Not because of anything innovative or groundbreaking. Not through any of the stats that it pulls out from various surveys. Although they do make some interesting reading.

It struck a chord because the author states "Diversity is not equity is not inclusion". 

And the author is right. I myself have been caught out through stopping just at diversity and assuming that this also includes Equality and Inclusion. They have to work together as a team and they have to be thought of, and actioned with the same amount of attention and detail. Hence my analogy to the three musketeers.

You can't think of DEI (or EDI) as a Diversity tick box. They each have their own definition, their own meaning and their own needs. However on their own they only produce some incremental changes and it's only when you consider all three together do we see truly inclusive, diverse and equal results. Your strategy should make sure that there is a clear call out to all three "musketeers" and not just diversity.

So, enjoy the read and do challenge yourself and your organisation with the five questions at the end.