The last 18 months have presented companies and organisations with many different challenges.

It's been hard. It's been rewarding. It's been full of innovation.

As the great "re-hire" gets into full swing we are seeing the new challenge of finding candidates take hold of the country. We know it's now a fully fledged candidate driven market. With candidates having their choice, organisations need to be more aware than ever of what is driving their applicants to apply.

Data shows that by 2025 75% of the global workforce will be Generation Z and Millenials. We know that this work force is more digitally savvy, has a penchant for leaning into the gig economy and seeks more flexibility in jobs over projects and locations.

So what does this mean?

These traits have benefits. Traditional resource and workforce planning practices have been challenged by the pandemic. It's been difficult to plan with lockdown rules and guidance shifting and changing. Flexible workers, contractors, the contingent workforce have allowed organisations to react quickly and sometimes with lower costs. This has helped organisations react to their challenges with a flexible and scalable workforce they can call upon at short notice.

This article from Personnel Today brings to life the fact that organisations need to start embracing the gig economy, and provides some great advice on how to do this. For example;

Promoting collaboration by providing the necessary tools and technology to ensure contingent workers are connected to the rest of the workforce.

It also goes onto challenge the traditional fixed 40 hour working week for this workforce and how they are increasingly looking for purpose driven work that offers them a lifestyle balance. It's a completely different outlook to the more traditional career minded and focused candidate from 10, 15 years ago.

So how prepared are organisations to lure this generation of candidates?

It's a new challenge that needs some serious thinking, brainstorming and action. Organsiations will need to move quickly with a new message and a new approach to entice this new workforce generation before they're snapped up!