Relationship is defined as the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected.

Connect is a great word to help describe what make a RPO solution. For me a great RPO solution is one where both the client and the provider come together and work in connected way. There is a common goal and a common way of working that ensures the solution is given the best possible chance to succeed. 

It takes a lot of communication. It takes some compromise. It takes effort.

Like all relationships there are good times and rocky times. But, with strong engagement and shared vision and goals, the solution is able to maintain a strong delivery focus and service provision to both the candidates and hiring community.

The importance of a strong relationship cannot be understated. As an RPO provider my objective is to ensure that my teams are an extension of my client. That candidates feel as though they are engaging the client and not a service provider. That my client looks at us as a trusted advisor, a source of insight and knowledge and a key strategic asset. That my teams understand their value and can see the positive contributions they make to both the client and the candidate.

I know my clients look for a partner that can provide insight and data to help contribute to their talent and business strategy. They want a partner who is not afraid to challenge, to be consultative and to be the expert we are.

So it was with real enjoyment that I read this article from Personnel Today providing an easy to read guide to engaging an RPO and what we bring as a Talent Solutions Provider to organisations around the globe.

It talks about the importance of finding an RPO that is a trusted advisor, who have a team that's ready to go, brings proven experience, and ultimately who can be flexible to your requirements as they change.

It's a great little read and a great little case study.

If you're considering the RPO route this is not a bad place to start at all.

Neither is dropping me a line.