We're going back to the office!

But in what capacity.

Hybrid is the buzz word at the moment. A mixture of being in the office and working from home. We knew that though. What's interesting is the response from the work force.

The response is that people like working from home. So much so that they are now using flexible working to sift in and out opportunities when looking for new roles. Backed up by data that shows 8 out of 10 workers are now more likely to apply for a job if offers flexible working.

So what does this mean for the employer.

We're in a vicious candidate driven market. I wrote about this upcoming challenge in June, Out of the fire into the frying pan? We're now in a position where the power lies with the candidate. They have their pick of jobs.

So are you listening to your audience?

Have you made your vacancies appealing?

Do you know what your competitors are saying?

It is important that you understand what your candidates are looking for and that you have the right messaging going out. Knowing that your candidates are seeking a hybrid flexible work life balance is one thing, but acting on this information is another. It's critical to bring to life the role, the day to day activities and even the extra curricular offerings (an onsite gym!) so that your potential candidates understand what is in it for them. Even if you can't offer the flexibility candidates are looking for, you can make sure that you are bringing to life the added benefits of working for you.

This is a great article from the Metro with some interesting stats and data. It is well worth a read and will make you think about your approach to the hiring candidates.

The work life balance is changing and with candidates are few and far between it's imperative organisations look at how they are approaching the market.