We've seen it before, and we're seeing it again.

As technology advances it creates different jobs. With more innovations, more advancements and more use of green technology we are seeing new jobs created. And more importantly we are seeing the younger generation taking up those green jobs. 

This is not unusual though and it's happened right across history. For example, when technology blew away jobs in agriculture, cleaning, routine factory operations, construction, and mining, it also true that innovation gave birth to information technology managers, whose number has risen by a factor of 6.5 to over 327,000 in the last decades in the UK, plus programmers and software development professionals, whose number has risen by a factor of almost three to 274,160. 

There's a great little article (LINK) that goes into to some depth and detail about what is going on and how technology advancement brings stronger economic growth, and with it more jobs.

So as we progress what are those jobs and who is picking them up. I've already written previously about "The new workforce" where generation Z are seeking jobs with more purpose and offering a lifestyle balance. And this article here, from the BBC, brings to life three jobs with a positive "green" impact.

The most interesting aspect to me was that all 3 jobs are performed by individuals under the age of 30. This to me is another sign of how the next generation are thinking and actively seeking jobs and roles that carry more social responsibility, care more for sustainability and are more aligned to their personal values. We are seeing a shift from just happy to have a job to being very selective over the organisation that they work for.

As an employer you need to be understanding how this next generation thinks. As more "Green" roles and jobs open up candidates are going to be more aligned to this skill set. Are you able to join the "movement" and offer Green Jobs or at the very least demonstrate your "green" credentials.