I have just found out that today is "World Values Day" - an annual campaign to increase the awareness and practice of values around the world.

As Employer Brand experts, weA spend a lot of time talking to organisations about their values. And our job is to connect these to the motivations of their candidates and employees. In doing so, we build a Employee Value Proposition that creates this alignment so that people and employers can find the right fit.

This year's theme is "Reconnecting" which is about understanding how we connect ourselves with others and the world around us. So, I got chatting to some of my colleagues and asked them:

"What are your favourite EVPs and brand pillars, what makes them special?" 

Here's what they said. . .

Matt, Al, and Colin all went for our bold and bright (orange!) EVP pillars for Sainsbury’s 

“Sainsbury’s Employee values are unexpected compared to the main brand perception in the market. It’s a supermarket. “We do the right thing” and “Customers are the heart of everything” are expected but “Every day’s a game-changer” and “Talent gets the stage it deserves” shows a real desire to showcase what it is and can do.”

Matt Broughton, Creative Director

“I like ‘We’re at our best when we’re bold’. It is empowering and ambitious, without being impractical or unachievable - a positive reminder to guard against complacency or laziness.”

Alistair Wotton, Head of Creative

“As an ex-shopkeeper, the Sainsbury’s EVP and brand resonates and delights me. Despite the dramatic changes retailing continues to undergo, the customer and where they’re positioned hasn’t changed…and rightly so.”

Colin Barnett, Client Relationship Director

Both Dan and Jess went for the lovely brand we created for Diageo:

“I love ‘Be a torchbearer’ for Diageo. It’s ambitious as well as humble. If you live it, you’re trying to do great things – not just because that motivation is, in itself, worthwhile, but because you recognise your responsibility to leave the business in a better place than you found it. A sentiment that Diageo can trace all the way back to Arthur Guinness, Charles Tanqueray and Johnnie Walker. Heritage isn’t nostalgia.”

Dan Turner, Creative Director

“I think ‘celebrate life’ is a wonderful EVP pillar for Diageo. It conjures up such a joyful feeling whilst encouraging employees to come together and celebrate achievements big and small.”

Jessica Scarborough, Employer Brand & Communications Strategist

For me, it’s bold language that came through when we developed Ericsson's EVP:

“Two of Ericsson’s pillars “Together, the brave” and “Pioneering easy” really stick out in my mind. They are rooted in Ericsson’s business strategy, but they also make a clear statement of intent around how they work. They work collaboratively, they take the right risks, and the right things are difficult. “Pioneering easy” is especially interesting and directly speaks to Ericsson’s commitment to creating a clear path for their people to do great work without the background noise.”

And, we’re not too precious here. So here is an old time classic from Robert that is too good not to share:

“Air BNB - Be a “cereal” entrepreneur. Yes, it’s spelt like that. A reference to their early days when they developed branded cereals to keep themselves afloat. Love a pun and some word play.”

Robert Peasnell, Deputy UK Managing Director